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Born, Raised and Based in Hong Kong.


Hello all. I am Agatha and I am a fresh uni graduate who is currently exploring the UX design field. Majored in Criminology and Sociology back in University, I am always enthusiastic in studying human behaviours and psychology. Due to the nature of my social sciences degree, I was required to constantly conduct primary and secondary research on various topics. This consolidates my research skills and at the same time pushes me to always dig deep into different matters. I am encouraged to always ask questions for all-rounded understanding.

Upon graduation, I start exploring the field of UX, in the hope of creating a better world with more intuitive and user-centered designs. I believe that with my research background, together with my creativity and inquisitive mind, I would be able to push myself further in this field. 

To upskill myself, I joined the Bootcamp organised by Xccelerate, an Edtech company which offers different tech-related courses. I have learned a lot from there and gained so much hands-on experiences.


I am currently seeking junior-positioned UX designer opportunities, to utilise my acquired skills from the previous projects that I have worked on, and at the same time get to further enhance and improve myself. 

Please feel free to contact me for collaboration! 

To know more about my experiences, you can always check out my resume

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